Bird and Memory Preserves - Reader Spotlight Story

This picture was submitted by Marshall Mills and I think the story will touch your heart. Scroll down below to read about this special place.      This picture was taken at Powell Creek Preserve, Fort Myers, Florida. You know Florida, where they steal all the sunshine and warmth for themselves during the winter months. The picture features a number of water fowl like the Wood stork, Great egrets, a blue heron and I think I saw some kind of young duck or goose with my own eyes or Waldo as I like to refer to it. This is a...

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Pet Spotlight Story - The Crested Gecko

Velvet soft, a great jumper and can climb most surfaces. This is how Ellie Vegas, mom and owner of Fynn describes her pet Crested Gecko. Ellie adopted Fynn in November of 2016 from a friend. She was looking for a critter that didn't get too big, was easy to handle and didn't have an all bug diet. Of course our first thought is "let's get a crested gecko".  Well if you know Ellie, she has some eclectic tastes. She's a fan of reptiles like snakes, exotic marine life and tortoises which she has worked with over the years. I must...

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A Caterpillar to Butterfly Metamorphosis

Wildlife, Nature and Pets. Many of you know me as a geocoin designer, the one who does mostly shaped animals coins. For 10 years I designed a few fur and feathered creatures that sported tracking numbers for the popular hobby of Geocaching. This summer will usher in the last geocoin design I do under the umbrella of my Tsunrisebey website. I have 1 more design I am working on and then I will design for Groundspeak upon request. I have a "pinned thread" on my Facebook group if you want to be notified about the final geocoin under the Tsunrisebey...

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