Pet Spotlight Story - The Crested Gecko February 19 2017, 0 Comments

Velvet soft, a great jumper and can climb most surfaces.

This is how Ellie Vegas, mom and owner of Fynn describes her pet Crested Gecko.

Ellie adopted Fynn in November of 2016 from a friend. She was looking for a critter that didn't get too big, was easy to handle and didn't have an all bug diet. Of course our first thought is "let's get a crested gecko". 

Well if you know Ellie, she has some eclectic tastes. She's a fan of reptiles like snakes, exotic marine life and tortoises which she has worked with over the years. I must admit, Fynn is a good looking fella. Ellie notes that if you're into lizards and reptiles, the crested gecko is an excellent starter species due to their great temperament and easy maintenance.

Fynn eats a Pangea crested gecko diet and occasionally gets some cricket treats. Ellie is hoping to add a girl to the crew here soon. 

I'm including a link for any of you who might want to learn a little more about the crested gecko. Crested Gecko Information.

Thanks Ellie for sharing your pics of Fynn. I'll leave you with some more pictures of the little guy. 

Thanks ~tsun