Manta Ray Pendant Necklace

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Two-sided Manta Ray pendant necklace with a swinging tail. Black and white coloring with a touch of tribal design. Reverse has sharks under the enameling which gives the pendant a stunning effect. You can't go wrong with is sweet sea creature. Hand-drawn and designed by tsunrisebey. Free Shipping.

  • SIZE: Manta Ray is 1.75" inches in diameter and 1.5 mm thick
  • COLORS: Black and white enamels.
  • METAL: Manta has nickel plating. Design elements are multi layered to give a great 3D effect under the enameling.
  • NECKLACE: 20" inches in length and manta is easily slides off chain.
This is a hand drawn design and inspired by a trip to Belize. An early morning on South Water Caye island, I witnessed my first ever, in the wild, manta ray jump in the air and land. It was a special moment and one I never forgot. A beautiful sea creature and amazingly graceful.


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